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        LFP CELL IFR26650-2500mAh

        Verified by DOE optimization experiment, strict selection and supervison of incoming material, strict manufacturing process controlled, to ensure the battery cell high consistency on static state of initial matching, charge-discharge dynamic process and attenuation performance of the long-term cycling.

        Cell Part number:

        26650-2500mAh, lithium iron phosphate chemical system

        Cell dimension:

        Diameter: 26.3±0.2mm, Height: 65.2±0.3mm(see right picture)


        ? Database UPS backup power supply: short-term backup power supply for databases of large technology companies such as Google, Tencent; backup power supply for large shopping mall databases.

        ? Starting power: motorcycle starting power, automobile starting power, automobile backup starting power, agricultural machinery starting power, automobile micro-mixing starting, etc.

        Characteristic advantages:

        ? Select first class raw material suppliers to ensure consistency and stability of cells.

        ? Build three-dimensional channel conductive network with array-type high-conductivity carbon nano-tubes and super conducting carbon black. Improve the structure design of multi-tabs parallel.

        ? Apply spherical multi-direction graphite of same nature for cathode, to reduce internal resistance, and enhance super high C-rate discharge ability and high C-rate continuous charge ability.

        ? The only supplier in China that could produce cylinder cell 30C continuous discharge, and peak 50C discharge.

        ? 5C charge/discharge; >2000 cycles @100% DOD.

        ? Suitable for applications like high power starting battery, UPS etc.
        ? ?Want more choices, you can have a look at?26650 lithium battery(3800mAh).

        IFR26650-2500mAh(Rate) LiFePO4 Cell

        Parameter Spec of 26650 lithium ion battery:

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        Product specification
        Typical Capacity2500mAh(1.0C)
        Minimum Capacity≥2500mAh(1.0C)
        Nominal Voltage3.2V
        Energy Density93Wh/kg
        Cell AC Impedance (1KH)≤6mΩ
        Cell Weight (g)About 86g
        Operation Voltage2.0~3.65V
        Standard Charge ModelCell is charged with constant current of 1C to 3.65 V, and then converted to 3.65V constant voltage charging until the charging current is less than 0.02C (50mA).
        Standard Charge Current2500mA
        Max. Charge Current12500mA
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        Product specification
        Standard Discharge Current2500mAh
        Max. Discharge Current
        Max. Discharge Current (Long Pulse)75000mA,60s
        Max. Discharge Current (Short Pulse)125000mA,10s
        100%DOD cycle life≥2000Cycles
        Charge Operating Temperature0℃~45℃
        (Environment temperature)
        Discharge Operating Temperature-20℃~60℃
        (Environment temperature
        Storage Temperature-20℃~45℃

        Characteristic Curve of 26650 lithium ion battery:

        +1C/-1C 100% DOD Cycle curve

        IFR26650-2500mAh(Rate) LiFePO4 Cell

        Difference Temp. Discharge curve

        IFR26650-2500mAh(Rate) LiFePO4 Cell

        Different C rate discharge capacity

        Different C rate discharge Temp.curve

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